Go-to shoes for summer 2017

As I have been shopping recently, I have noticed I have been loving all the shoes for summer! Shopping for shoes is probably one of my favorite things, whether it be workout shoes or heels.   So the shoes pictures below are some of my favorites for this season.


These shoes are from Steve Madden. They are not in stores yet, but you can pre-order them online at Steve Madden. I love these because I think they would go with almost anything! They also have a thicker heel, so they should be easier to walk in and shouldn’t hurt your feet as much.


I found these specific slide-ons at Nordstrom. You can find much cheaper versions of this shoes other places. They are very in-style, so you can find them in just about any clothing or shoe store. I like these because they are so easy to slip on and go! Also, since they are black and white they will go with any outfit.


These are also from Nordstrom. This wedge also comes in olive, black, and tan. I liked this color the best, though! It won’t go with as much as the black or tan, but I think the color is unique. I also really love the look of the wedge.


I am starting to like this specific pair of Adidas more than the original black and white pair that EVERYONE has! Even though they have the green detail, you can still throw these on with a lot. They are very comfy to walk around in if you have a busy day.

I love all these shoes because they go with a lot and they are easy to throw on! Thats why these are my go-to summer shoes.

Comment and tell me some of the shoes you are loving this summer!


4 thoughts on “Go-to shoes for summer 2017

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  2. I love summer shoes, this is a really awesome post. I think my favorite is the first heel. I agree that it would pretty much go with anything and I love the thicker heel because I am really clumsy. Great idea!


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