Trying eyelash extensions for the first time

So, a couple weeks ago I made a post about castor oil and I said it should help improve your lashes. Well, I tried this for about a week and I noticed I was losing eyelashes! I’m not sure how it went for everyone else who tried it.

About a week ago, a girl in one of my classes offered me free eyelash extensions because she is trying to get her license to be a professional. I was a little hesitant at first just because I wasn’t really sure if they were my thing… but I went for it.

Now, I asked her what she would cost when she became licensed and she said $80-$100 for a full set, and $45-$50 for a fill-in. This isn’t too bad of a price compared to some places that do lash extensions.

I didn’t think I was going to love them, but I do!!! It is honestly so great not to have to put on and take off mascara. (One of my least favorite things in the world to do.) You wake up and you look great! Getting ready is so much faster.

These are the lashes she applied. I picked a more natural fill with medium length. Honestly, I think I would like the shorter length the best. I have gotten many compliments on them, or maybe people didn’t realize and told me “I looked better than usual.” haha.

The process took about 1 hour and 45 minutes, which wasn’t too fun to lay there with your eyes closed for that long… but the refills take about 45 minutes to a hour. Then, another not so fun part is when you open your eyes for the first time they water like crazy!! The woman said this happens to everyone.

Overall, I really would get them again. I think these would especially be nice if you are on camera often, or if you have to look professional everyday. It would make getting ready so much easier!

Comment and tell me what you think about eyelash extensions!


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